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3 Months in with 7% Sodium Chloride

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: May 22, 2020 | Replies (20)

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How long have you been on the big 3? I’ve only been taking them for 2 months. Due to Covid I haven’t had any sputum tests. My doc is in Birmingham. I’m new and don’t know what to think. I have bronchiectasis and a cavitation. I’m 72 years old. Thank you.

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@marellen Do you mean you never had a sputum culture, and went on the drugs based only on imaging, or no repeat tests since starting the big 3?

MAC is a very slow-to-grow, slow-to-go bacteria, so it is normal for the docs to wait at least 3, more usually 6, months before doing another sputum culture. A typical course of meds, if there is such a thing, is at least 12 months, more usually 18 months or longer.

But if you haven't had a culture at all, maybe you should be asking for one to be sure they have you on the correct meds. Part of the culture process is "susceptibility testing" to see which drugs your MAC responds to. This is not something that requires you to be in an office – they can mail you collection vials and instructions, then you can do a curbside drop-off at the clinic with the specimens. Just be sure you collect & store the samples as instructed to get good results. If you are far from your doc or the testing labs, they can also arrange for the specimens to be shipped (requires special containers/handling.)

Other than wondering, how is it going with the big 3? Are you tolerating it ok?

Hello, This is my second go around with MAC and the Big 3. I have been on the drugs for 3 months including nebulizing with 7% sodium chloride solution prescribed. I took sputum tests in November and did not het results until end of February. I grew MAC and mycobacterium nebraskense, which is a rare form. I did not do a CT scan this time since I have had so many in the past 4 years. I am hoping for a clear sputum. I certainly would not take the big 3 without a positive MAC result from my pulmonary specialist and infectious disease doctor. They are very, very hard on ones body. Hope this info helps!

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