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I am going to mayo in Jacksonville next month to see Dr. lacy he is supposed to be one of the best GI's in the country. I was just researching domperidone and it says it is no longer available in the US. That's crazy, if it works that well then why can't they make it in the US and how would we get it?

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@brandywine .. terrible but I cannot remember the gastroenterologist's name I saw back in 2013 when was prescribed domperidone. I am now under the car of Dr Frances and her NP Lois Hemminger. .. my local GI refused to do endoscopies on me because my surgery repair was so extensive… he still does my colonoscopies. I'm glad to have a doctor admit that something is out of his league.

When I was prescribed domperidone I was told which compounding pharmacy to take it to in my town. You might call a compounding pharmacy to see if they compound it. I am including a link to the fda site that says this this information was accurate up until February this year… I would think if it had changed since then they would alter the information.

I think.. but not positive.. for a two week supply back then it was around $40. .. probably increased a lot since 2013. We had Tricare Standard then and it did not pay anything that I recall. My husband is retired Army. Now that we are Seniors we have Tricare for Life and Medicare. .. still probably no payment for the medication.