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@pdilly @1950 @fourof5zs … When the local GI doc told me about that drug (Domperidone) that was not FDA approved, I first called a friend who was a radiologist in Sweden.. she said, "don't take that"… so I asked my Primary Care Physician to refer me to Mayo MN… That was a life changing day in my life.. 6 years ago and now doing pretty good even though I am 84..
"Domperidone has been banned in the United States for years because of fatal cardiac arrhythmias among cancer patients who had been prescribed the drug to prevent nausea and vomiting. … "Unfortunately the different uses of the medication have been tied into the one outcome – fatal cardiac arrhythmia." Nov 11, 2014..

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Thank you for the article @ken82. My gastroenterologist thoroughly researched domperidone before putting me on it. He also had me make an appointment with a cardiologist to make sure he approved as well before giving me the prescription. (I don’t have any heart issues.)

Here is the statement from the FDA website about why they issued a warning about domperidone in 2004 — “FDA took this action because of the concern about the potential serious health risks associated with the use of domperidone by lactating women to enhance breast milk production.” That’s definitely not an issue for me as I approach age 70 — lol.

Since it has helped me so much with stomach emptying with no side effects, I’m very comfortable taking it. It’s also comforting to know that it’s available throughout the rest of the world — appears that only the USA has not approved it. In some countries it requires a prescription but in most countries it’s over the counter.

What is the source of the 2 quotations you shared. They weren’t included in the Mayo Clinic link so I just wanted to read more about those statements made November 11, 2014. Thanks!

Thanks for the info!!

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