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I feel for you. I'm going through the same thing for years I have been hospitalized, multiple surgeries on my stomach and colon with no answers.
I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago.
I do exactly the same things as you. I vomit after every meal and my food just sits on my stomach and ferments, then I get extremely nauseas.
I had a gastric emptying study by they couldn't complete it bc I threw up the oatmeal.
I have had 15 colonoscopies, 8 endoscopies all in the last 2 years.
I'm am being sent to the Mayo clinic to see what they can do.
Please reply back to me..

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@brandywine8875 Mayo MN diagnosed my post operative gastroparesis the 1st day there.. so as not to vomit every meal ..I told the GI doc there of my selective vomiting.. I had eaten a small bit of chicken, then broccoli… the chicken stayed down.. the broccoli came up… Dr. Halland said that I would not have to eat broccoli again.. cut back on the quantity a lot.. It may take an hour or more just to eat breakfast… and so on.. have vitamin and protein rich snacks that are small.. Gravity needs to act on the food in your stomach … so after eating stay vertical.. walk about..

Please let us know what you find out at Mayo.

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