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Well I am back after not posting and asking questions about my low EF for the last couple years. I am 69 years old today. Back in 2013 I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. My EF went from 45% back then to 40% last year, up until last week. I was surprised, my lastest echo revealed an estimated EF of 80%. A bit high and will continued to monitored. 10% over compensation, of the recommended high of 70%. Most likely I have nothing to worry about. A EF of 40% – 45% was considered mildly impaired, regardless, it was a scare for me and I worried about my health and life longevity. I contributed my improvement to my medication, grand babies and the drastic changes I made of my habits, healthy diet, weight loss and excerise and excersice! I worked hard and disciplined myself to get better. My wife and I turned out basement into a gym, and instead of watching TV and snacking in the evening, we would work out for at least an hour plus everyday. In the summer we would go on 15 – 20 mile bike rides 4 times a week. Believe me I had other aches and pains, but worked through them. It took a good year to work our self up to a good steady routine, but we never gave up. I lost 40 pounds, sure over the holidays I cheated with some sweats and salt its just human nature. My point is, if your diagnosed with a heart condition, don't sit around felling sorry for yourself, stay off the internet reading articles it will drive you crazy. Consult your doctor and do something about it. Start out slow and work your way up. 2013 and before I was just a lump and didn't care much about my health.

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I am so glad to hear that you have made so much progress! I appreciate your reporting on the benefits of exercise, @fishinpete. Both you and @maddie3211 are encouragers in this force against heart failure.