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Hi, since 2005 my Doctors discovered I had an ejection level at 12%. My body began to fill up with fluid to the point I could not walk. Also, 2 days later I was diagnosis with Uterine Cancer. Since, my ejection fraction were so low I could not have surgery.

I heard about heart rehab at McConnell Heart rehab here in Columbus, Ohio. I immediately checked this out because I needed to rebuild my heart muscle. My 1st heart physician refused to send over an order. His reasoning, I would kill myself. All he wanted to do was do a dyfibulator and I refused. Got a 2nd opinion and the physician said it was the best thing for me to do at that point. He went onto say they do a complete work up on me to see if I would qualify before starting.

Well, did the testing, and I was cleared for that program. In 6 weeks I raised my ejection fractions to 34% and with medication in 6 months my heart was at 48%. Over the following years my ejection fractions has been a steady 50%.

Yes, I've had one set back and I eventually had to have dyfibulator but that was because my physician did not monitor my medications correctly.

So, my piece of advice find a heart rehab center and work with them. They truly made a difference in my life. And by the way had the surgery 6 months after my diagnosis. And the physicians and family could not believe I was back at work in a week. All due to the heart rehab program.

Get exercising it makes a world of difference in short time..

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@maddie3211 I am so glad that you reported that success story about cardiac rehab. It really does make a difference! I hope that all heart-failure patients will take your post to heart and be aware of the benefits of cardiac rehab for heart problems.

Did your surgery for uterine cancer go well?