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Member Neuropathy Journey Stories: What's Yours?

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Chris I agree with you absolutely. Connect is a most wonderful tool for those dealing with or simply trying to understand PN. The great thing is that it is so well organized and it is fairly easy to search around for things. OK, so in reading your saga it sounds like (correct me if I missed it) there is no one known precursor to your developing neuropathy? Strange how so many people do not know what caused it for them. I suppose for some it might be hereditary. I am glad you are finding help from THC. Hank

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Good evening @jesfactsmon, So…..you know, I am sure, that the greatest precursors for neuropathy are diabetes and chemotherapy. Everything else is labeled "idiopathic" and that is the category where I ended up. Knowing very little about nerves except how much pain their lack of functioning can cause, I started thinking about all of the injuries to my body from the time I was about twelve and had a severe break in my ankle from twirling too fast on roller skates. There have been 13 other surgical repairs to my body from falling off horses, diving too shallow, falling over a sprinkler with a crash, and including the last fall down the mountain which then introduced me to cervical fusions. I just gotta believe that somehow we pay a price with structural injuries. No matter how hard the clinicians try it is just not possible to repair to be just as good as you were before. And then along comes aging, with all the aches and pains.

And there you have it…..lifestyle choices that are riskily undertaken by someone with less skill than what is required to stay all in one piece. That's my story and I have to stick to it to explain all of the neuropathy symptoms that I now tackle with patience and perseverance.

May you be healthy and content.

Good morning "@jesfactsmon". I am reviewing this morning and looking for my boo-boos. I see that I didn't answer your question about what might be responsible for my neuropathy. First of all, I don't have diabetes and haven't had chemo. No one in my family complained of anything like neuropathy. My Dad was one of 9 and had a twin. It didn't show up there. My Mom was an only child within another family of 9 on her mother's side.

So…..my theory is that my prior sports accidents and 13 orthopedic surgeries, accumulated enough memories in my body that they would be embarrassed to be called idiopathic. So….there you go…I don't think there is any way those orthopedic surgeries on all my major peripheral appendages plus the head and neck injuries could have left me free of neuropathic pain. Knowledge is power. Have a great day.


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