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Pain in shoulder after cervical surgery

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Good evening @ljbsgausa, welcome to Connect. I had the same cervical fusions as you did 7 years ago. I don't recall any pain in my shoulders. I had just had a reverse shoulder replacement before the cervical surgery. And as soon as the fusions were healed in about 3 months, I had a rotator cuff repair on my left shoulder from falling down the stairs. At that point, the pain in my arms and wrists became quite critical. It was then that my small fiber neuropathy was discovered by a punch skin biopsy. This all became one of those nightmares from a fall down the mountain.

I have very little discomfort in my neck as long as I do yoga stretches every morning and use the cervical collar. I still have numbness and pain in my arms and my feet. What are you doing to treat your pain? When was the last time you discussed your shoulder pain with a clinician? What has been recommended and how can we help? We are here for you…….not as physicians or medically trained technicians. What we can do is help you research your medical status and ask others to share their treatments and medical care with you.

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Good morning. I’m not the one that you responded to, but it was my original post that started the discussion. If I may ask, do you know anything about epidural injections and if they tend to help?

@artscaping Hi, I have been thinking of @am3. We haven't heard from her in a long time and I wonder how she is doing. Would it be ok if I send her a post? Jeanie

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