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Could Mac treatment cause food to taste bad?

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@onana I'm off 13 months of daily Big 3 since mid Feb. (had to substitute Ciprofloxacin for Azithromycin for the last half of treatment because of ototoxicity). I had dry mouth before starting, but worse while on the meds, and I also had the change of tastes and the burning tongue. I tried meds for yeast for the tongue, but they didn't really help. The only thing that worked was eating yogurt which I don't really like. But it was worth it! The burning never completely went away, but if it got better and I began to slack off on the yogurt, the burning would come roaring right back. I also ate kefir with fruit and honey and that worked too. For the dry mouth, I use Xylimelt tablets at bedtime, one in each cheek. I like the mint free ones. And during the day, I use Biotene mouth rinse for some short term relief. I think it helps relieve the burning a bit as well.
My infectious Disease doc advised me to continue probiotics for 6 months after stopping the antibiotics, and I have continued to need the yogurt as well, although I think the burning tongue is beginning to need less attention. This whole business (disease and treatment) is certainly an adventure!
Hope this helps!

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Onana, I had the burning tongue for yrs. It drove me up the wall. I too ate yogurt to soothe it. I am happy to report that it has gone away for the most part. I do have food triggers that will bring it back on though. The main one is wine, more than one glass will cause the burning. If I eat red tomatoe sauce, that will bring it on also. Just thought I'd let you know that there is hope that you will be rid of it some day.

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