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I am curious. Are there any out there still symptomatic after many many weeks? I know there are facebook groups that deal with long termers, but I deleted my account there ages ago. There is a terrific Slack “chat room” for want of a better term. There are probably 25-30 chapters devoted to various COVID-19 symptoms and disease trajectory. Many from the US, UK and Canada among others report in. Many of us also report our symptoms daily on a Covid-19 symptom tracker app that will help researchers and the medical field understand the virus better. This is day 85 for me. My symptom onset was April l1th. While the worst of the shortness of breath lasted 2-4 weeks for me when I kept my inhaler clutched in my palm, the feeling of a corset around the torso lasted at least another month. Coming up on 3 months in a few days, I am still struggling with daily temperature spikes. I can just feel something foreign pumping malaise through my system. My wake up temp. averages 97.9. Each day it shoots up above 99 anywhere up to 100.9. My eyes remain bloodshot and glazed over with black circles beneath, and the fatigue is ever present. The effort to return to a standing position after bending over is Herculean. I am recently able to walk 2.5 miles on the beach slowly on the hard sand. The first 6 weeks or so I was only able to shuffle around the house. I still can’t face steps or an incline. At about 4 weeks, after 3 virtual visits with my PCP and a respiratory evaluation at a clinic, PCP recommended an evaluation at the ER. May 8th I spent 6 hours in a room with the negative pressure air system and underwent a barrage of testing to rule out any other causes for long term fever. Everything was normal.

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@ccbelle, I moved your post to this discussion where others are talking about living with COVID symptoms for the "long haul." This is a good topic to revisit with fellow members @solterra @lmspencerpac @mkqq @susanbo2457 @potterylady and @wishercristy.

CCBelle, what symptom tracker app are you using?

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