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Live Transcribe reels all the conversation out in a single paragraph…no break between speakers. That does make it difficult to recreate after a meeting's over, especially one that lasts for hours and is larded with lots of technical stuff. Live Transcribe is better than anything else about unusual words, but some technical stuff is very different from what what actually said. Much less bad than Otter.

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I agree with you about Live Transcribe which I have been using since it first came out. It’s been invaluable with everyone wearing masks. I tried Otter and it was okay but I uninstalled it as it was not being used. I am going to give it a try again. I use TextEdit in desperation if the WiFi is bad in a certain area but it’s mediocre at best.

I never found it difficult to separate my comments from the other speaker even in the few meetings I have used it in. But my use of it is 90% personal and I never thought of that option like CART which is awesome. I am going to post another review on Live Transcribe in the play store and mention the possibility of separating conversations as a future upgrade.
Thank you Gaudellet University.

Florida Mary