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I was able to download Live Transcribe on my Android – Galaxy S8. It's ok, but I have difficulty trying to determine what I the other person said from what I said.

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Live Transcribe reels all the conversation out in a single paragraph…no break between speakers. That does make it difficult to recreate after a meeting's over, especially one that lasts for hours and is larded with lots of technical stuff. Live Transcribe is better than anything else about unusual words, but some technical stuff is very different from what what actually said. Much less bad than Otter.

@lindleys and @joyces, not separating the speaker is a drawback to using speech to text. CART (real person doing the transcriptions) will not have that problem. When I have a remote meeting, usually by using Zoom, I delegate who speaks so I will say their name before the person speaks. The name shows up in the transcript. Also, before someone speaks, we remind them to say their name first. It's a duplication of the persons name, but it prevents the problem you describe. Some meeting platforms know who is speaking and will automatically insert that into the transcript.
Tony in Michigan

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