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Hello all,

About a year ago I noticed pressure in my lower back. No pain, just kidney pressure. Went to my doctor, they did blood work, came to find out my pancreatic levels were very elevated (pancreatitis)…my lipase was about 1,500. I'm not a heavy drinker, but I assumed that after coming home from vacation, maybe I just overdid it. They did an ultrasound, an MRI, and a colonscopy/endscopy. Everything came back normal. And my pancreatic levels did lower.

Fast forward to now. While it has came and gone, I'm still having that pressure sensation. Still feel some cramping on either side of my abdomen, as in where my liver/pancreas is. Some upper back pain/disconfort, but I have some back issues, so I'm not sure if that's gastro or not. The MRI did show some fat on my liver, but nothing serious, according to the gastro specialist. Sometimes my stool has been pale, but not consistently. No jaundice, dark stool, etc. I was giving a prescription for IBS, and that was about it.

I decided to get a second opinion with another gastro doctor, who had my lipase tested again, even though mostly my symptoms are mild. Lipase was over 1,500 again. I'm getting an endoscopic ultrasound (when I'm allowed to…it's considered an elective procedure, and hospitals in my state aren't allowed to do those yet).

In looking at the labs I noticed a creatinine level of 1.38, and a GFR of 57…that suggests kidney disease. I'm 42.

I'm a bit scared about what will be found. Any advice, tips, and insight would be appreciated.

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@tmalley2177, I see that you also posted about your issues in the Digestive Health group too. Thus I merged both your discussions together and the discussion now appears in both the Digestive group and the Kidney group. That way you don't have to keep track of the same issue in 2 places and it brings everyone together in one place.

Since you are asking further questions about possible chronic kidney disease, I'd like to bring fellow members @carnes @cehunt57 @kamama94 @2011panc and @trishanna into this discussion.

Have you spoken to a specialist about your lab results and discussed the possibility of poor kidney function?