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kidprodigy (@kidprodigy)

Malabsorption Syndrome Questions

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Hello @kidprodigy,

You certainly have had a lot of problems with your health. I can imagine that you are frustrated at not being able to find an answer to your weight loss, night sweats and other symptoms. I read some of your other posts in another discussion group and it looks like you have had a lot of tests. Have they included an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy or just the capsule test?

I'm wondering as well if there has been any lab work (specifically blood tests) to check your vitamin levels? These might provide clues to any malabsorption problems. Also, is there any anemia? Here are some links to Mayo Clinic websites that discuss malabsorption problems. The last link provides information regarding a clinical trial at Mayo that might interest you.

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So far, I've only had the video capsule endoscopy (i.e. PillCam SB3), but additional testing may be necessary to get a diagnosis. People with malabsorption syndromes who cannot find the cause via lab testing and/or radiology often require an upper endoscopy from what I've read.

I haven't had any lab tests to check specific vitamin levels in the blood yet.

None of my lab test results reported anemia (i.e. CBC, CMP) and I do not have diarrhea nor do I have blood or pus in my stools.

Isn't diarrhea a classic symptom of malabsorption? To lose 60+ lbs, be chronically fatigued with terrible abdominal pain and not have any diarrhea is beyond my comprehension! I think this is why my doctors (i.e. internal medicine, allergy, infectious disease, GI and rheumatology) cannot figure out what is wrong with my health!

Anonymized copies of ALL my lab test reports, radiology reports and capsule endoscopy report are available in PDF format via my CrowdMed page. If you haven' seen the reports yet, but would like to review them, let me know and I can send you the URL.