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To all my friends at Mayo connect. Amanda Burnett encouraged me to get posts while I'm at surgery and the test on May 17, 18, and 19th. She said there might be some well wishes that I can read when I get home, so that would make me feel good. I am getting scared about coming home and seeing how my husband handles everything. He does a lot for me now, but I still do the laundry and take care of myself. He works full-time at home doing Cyber Security for Wells Fargo. We are going to be going to a class at Mayo that will help him find out how to take care of me. I don't know if you knew That I had to give up my very healthy 14 year old dog. I e-mailed the owner of where we boarded her when we were gone. She e-mailed me back and said, "Can we please have Lily we love her." I got to where I couldn't take care of her and she had became very anxious protecting me. She knew something was up. She has been with them now for over a month and doing great. Much better than here. She now owns her and took her to get groomed and going to take her to her Vet. They really do love her. They tell me she follows them all around and they always kept her in their office when she was boarded. Tells me she doing great. It has been hard on me. I miss her so much. They send me pictures so I can see she is very happy. I can't visit her yet, because it might confuse her, but maybe after I heal from the surgery enough to ride in a car. Sending my love to all. So go ahead and post if you feel like you want to. For those who pray, prayers would be great on the 9th and 11th of June. @lilypaws

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@lilypaws My thoughts and prayers are with you starting then and I will put you on my prayer partners list if you want . Everything will go well you have the faith keep looking up

@lioness You are so special to me. That was a long post! Jeanie

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