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@contentandwell, @colleenyoung Thank you to both of you. It always works out if you have patience, which mine is low. I'm excited and anxious about this whole process. Was surprised how I have to go in on June 18th for a urine, blood, CT Scan, MRI and x-ray. I think I got all of them. On June 17th I have the Covid-19 swab and blood test. On the 18th I have EKG and chest x-ray. Then I will meet with the surgeon and his assistant to find out more about the surgery and he will give me an x-am. I'm tired just thinking about it. Blessings to both of you.

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To @colleenyoung and @contentandwell I can't believe all the connecting I have been doing. I keep repeating myself to everyone. I guess I'm just excited.

@lilypaws I think our patience does run low when we are in pain, but as I said, when we know there is an endpoint, we can be more patient. You have a lot in front of you, but hopefully, the end result will be all you are hoping for.
I can understand your excitement.

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