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Parent of a deaf 4 year old

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Do you believe in miracles?
My husband and his family were being evacuated from a war torn country to freedom. The drunken driver overturned the truck. My husband’s mother and father frantically searched for their younger son. He was under the truck. (Concussion 🤕)

My mother-in-law and her injured son were taken back to a hospital where my mother in law posed as one of the nurses while her son recuperated. His father and brother came back later not knowing if this son survived. He did!😇😍

There were always low expectations for my husband.
Someone said that he would “probably sweep the streets”.

When they came to our wonderful USA, a science teacher took an interest in my quiet husband, saw that he loved animals and asked him to help care for the classroom pets. This teacher also taught mathematics and saw my husband’s potential and encouraged him.
My husband graduated at the top of his high school class.

He went from a boy who would “sweep the streets” to graduate from RPI, MIT, and earn a PhD from
Carnegie Mellon.

I DO ask him to SWEEP the leaves.
He bought a leaf blower!

Deo gratias.

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I forgot !! To tell you that my husband had a burst ear drum!.from the accident.. hearing loss!
His ear was repaired many years later when it became infected.
A piece of his skin was used to cover the hole in his ear drum!
His hearing is MUCH improved but not 100%

@helenfrances Your son, like my daughter, was overlooked and thought to be less intelligent than they were, due to their hearing. There were a few things that she should have been part of but she was overlooked because her hearing loss tended to make her quieter in class so that quietness was mistaken for not being as intelligent as she is.
I kick myself for not advocating better for her when she was in middle school and HS, but it is what it is and she has done well.