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Revision Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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I did have a surgery to take care of a complication from my Total Knee Replacement. It was not actually a revision but it did correct a terrible problem that was the result of my TKR surgery. I had horrible pain after my knee replacement and I saw three orthopedists but after an MRI and x-rays none could figure out the problem. The pain was so bad in my knee that when I pulled myself up from my bed without the use of my knee I put so much stress on my spine that I actually fractured my l3 vertebrae. After 17 months of horrible pain and very sleepless nights I went to a wonderful orthopedist who took my complaints seriously. He ordered an ultrasound hoping that it would give him a clue as to the cause of my awful pain and it did. What I had was a very rare extra bone in my knee called a Fabella bone. Up until about 100 years ago this bone was extinct in humans but in recent years it has been making a comeback. I had the surgery and instantly the awful pain was gone.

If you have a serious issue it is always a good idea to get another opinion.


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Thanks @katrina123, I had not heard of about that type of pain so looked it up. Really glad you were able to find a doctor who listened and found the problem.

The fabella syndrome – a rare cause of posterolateral knee pain: a review of the literature and two case reports:

I’m so glad your 2nd surgeon figured out the source of your pain. It sure seems like the surgeon that did your TKR would have seen the extra bone or it would have been visible in the MRI. That’s crazy!

Thank you for your feed back. I'm feeling much better now. I still have some pain. But bruising is gone. Thanks to antibiotics and massage therapy.

Hi Katrina,
My husband has had a very similar experience and we are trying to locate a Dr. that will go the extra mile — Would you be able to share your Drs. name and contact information with me?
Thank you.


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