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What causes the loss of mucus membrane?

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At this moment they do not allow in person visit in uw. Would u guys give me a bit of specific details about how to deal with this? Like how to make the docs diagnose the problem? Get a primary doc there?

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@learningstudent I think you might try calling a university medical center, say you are a new patient, and that you have some very unusual things going on with your body. See if you can get a virtual appointment in the rheumatology Clinic because you assume it’s autoimmune. Before you have the appointment, write down everything that you can think of that has happened in the past months (even if you don’t think they’re related to the mucous membranes. Have some photos that you can email the doctor if she wants them.

My husband had to do this for me when I got so sick 2 years ago. While I was hospitalized, he called the university med center and got us an appointment. They knew what I had and have been treating me ever since. Most local doctors have not seen or heard of all the immune diseases, so you really have to advocate for yourself.

Best of luck to you and please let me know what you do!

Hello @learningstudent,

@becsbuddy's advice about writing everything down before seeing a new specialist is very good. Here is some information from another Mayo Connect discussion on how to get off to the best start with a new specialist. If you read it I think it will help you to be better prepared to visit with a specialist.