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Hello everybody. I wish I could tell you something definite but I'm on a roller-coaster of ambiguity. After having a lot of pain a couple nights ago I was just fine yesterday and last night but then about noon today the discomfort started up again. I have seen the visiting LVN twice and spoke to a GI doctor on the phone. The LVN put a dressing on the stoma and told me to leave it untouched until I saw a doctor but I just had to change it anyway to see if more discharge was coming out. It isn't, so far. The LVN gave me a friendly lecture and put on a new dressing yesterday. The GI doctor does not seem to think I need to worry about anything.

The LVN said I should take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain instead of Tramadol because opiates give me side effects like nervousness or insomnia. I used to take ibuprofen daily but in the past few years my dysphagia has gotten to the point that I can't swallow aspirin-sized pills now without them getting stuck in my throat. Tramadol is small enough for me to swallow, but like I said, it makes me feel weird and often I can't sleep. So a few minutes ago I took an Alka Seltzer Plus and I hope it helps get rid of the pinprick pains that keep bouncing around in my abdomen and ribcage. Every once in a while the stoma sends out a microburst of burning pain, which I guess is just to be expected and does not concern me too much as long as it does not get worse.

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@ltecato I’m glad you’ve spoken to the gastroenterologist about your tube/stoma. When the tube came out, it may have scratched your intestines, thus the pin prick pain. Your doctor doesn’t seem too terribly concerned, so maybe all is ok. As for the ibuprofen, some are enteric coated and very small. And there’s always applesauce. I was given my pills in applesauce for a few weeks until I could safely swallow. Best of luck