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Hi Colleen. I am not sure if another LVN is going to come by my house or not. I just had to take a Tramadol because of pain in my abdomen sort of near the stoma site, so I hope it is not a sign of trouble. It reminds me of kidney stone pain, so maybe I have another one of those. I really really don't want to go to an ER so I hope I can wait to see one of my regular doctors tomorrow. So far no symptoms besides pain.

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How are you doing? Have you seen anyone yet? Colleen asked if I wanted to join this conversation but all I know about openings if that when they took out my husband's trach, it did not fill in like they expected and he ended up having it closed in the hospital. It wasn't a problem and healed well. I don't expect that my husband will get to eliminate his feeding tube but I suspect that it would require surgery to fill in as well. There were issues with his tube until doing some research, we got a gastroenterologist to switch it from a balloon type and went with a bumper button type of feeding tube . The tube clicks on for feeding and off the rest of the time. No more 4 am visits to the ER to have a replacement and I rinse out the tube after every feeding. I use a piston irrigation syringe for feeding 4 times a day and it takes about 20 minutes for each feeding.