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katiek78 (@katiek78)

Not so sure it's IBS

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Hi Katie,
So I wanted to throw this out there that my symptoms started the same way. To this day (over 11 years) I have never had any abdominal pain, ever! I did have the other things that you had, plus some great vomiting episodes that frankly scared the crap out of my family and coworkers. This was more about a gallbladder cyst than IBS though. But, I have had all that and I did have IBS. Yes, I said DID because I now have very little of that plumbing left so the IBS is gone! LOL

I am glad you are not celiac, but I agree that it would be really good to try Gluten Free. My wife and daughter have been GF for about 4 years plus FODMAP for my wife and they are doing well. If you need any suggestions on GF products please ask as I believe I have tried them all.

I have to think it is a combination of things though. I hate to tell you that I didn't get a UC diagnosis until the third Colonoscopy. It might just be too early to see the damage. Please keep checking. If it is something intestinal you want it caught early so drug therapies or biologics can be tried.

Please keep us updated and I will help you as much as I can. I wish you great luck!!

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Hi Jason,
Thanks so much for the detailed information. I've been wondering if there was anyone else out there without the abdominal pain/cramping but other similar symptoms. I eliminated gluten through the FODMAP diet just recently, but gave up after about 11 days since my symptoms seemed to worsen and I was losing more weight.

That's interesting about your UC taking so much time to catch. I've had thoughts in the back of my head that maybe something was missed in my colonoscopy or or other tests since I had them done fairly soon after I started having symptoms. However, I assumed they would have caught something between the CT scan, colonoscopy, pillcam, and ultrasound...not the mention all the labs.

Anyway, sorry to hear about your struggles. I really appreciate your consideration and would welcome any other suggestions.

Thanks again!

Any info on gluten free products that taste good would be welcomed. Thanks