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Still having issues 4 months post op ACDF C4-C6

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@jenniferhunter Update on the image I posted the other day of my cervical spine and the concern over that one screw…it's fine. Image made it look like something it wasn't. In fact, I am completely fused! Everything looked really good. The issue with the left arm is probably from inflammation that I had prior to surgery, with the surgery making it worse. The surgeon thinks it's like a shoulder-neck syndrome. The MRI I had in January of that shoulder showed subacromial subdeltoid bursitis. Surgeon wants me to have a guided steroid injection into that area so I am waiting on the pain management place they use to call to schedule. I also have some tendinosis. He thinks the injection will calm things down so I can do my physical therapy. I don't have frozen shoulder but my range of motion is somewhat limited, making some PT stretches difficult and painful. Again he feels is from the inflammation. The surgeon wants to see me after the injection to make sure things are better. We'll see how the injection goes. A little stressed as I am post menopause and yesterday, my body decided to pretend as if I wasn't, if you know what I mean. Seeing my OB/GYN on the 11th. I swear it seems it's one thing after another. LOL.

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@amywood20 That sounds like good news. The shoulder injection should confirm it, if it is the source of inflammation. Inflammation from surgery definitely makes other places with inflammation worse and 4 months post op is when that happened to me too. The "shoulder neck syndrome" he describes sound like thoracic outlet syndrome to me which is what I have and that is what the MFR helps, and you don't have to do painful stretches for that, it's all manual therapy. If you don't improve, you may want an evaluation for thoracic outlet syndrome. It is common among spine injury patients and can be caused by a whiplash. I hope you'll check in and let me know how you are doing after treatment. Take care.