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Thank you for your replies! (Sorry for the delay in saying so.) I'm on methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine, and have been since I developed UCTD. I guess it seems like there aren't a lot of folks in this group who have UCTD, unfortunately. Well, if any of you has any more thoughts, I'm interested. I'm definitely interested in hearing about folks' experiences with flares, especially if anyone's initially been diagnosed with UCTD that's then evolved into lupus.

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Hi there,
I was diagnosed with UCTD about 4 months ago. The hydroxychloroquine and methotrexate really help, but in my case, I flare as soon as we taper the prednisone. Only ibuprofen works for the joint pain. I have bilateral joint pain in several places, but my RA bloodwork has all been negative. Negative RF. My Rheumy is wonderful. Positive ANA and diagnosis came after skin biopsy as it all started with horrible burning rashes. I feel for everyone going through this. It is horrible and there is no cure. I am an RN and recently had to get a medical accomodation at work with 4 changes due to this disease. Hang in there 🙂


Hi I have been battling autoimmune for years and it seems like if you don’t have the actual positive ANA test the rheumatologist says no you don’t have lupus. I have researched and read many books that you can have lupus and most of the symptoms and not have a positive ANA test. I’m currently taking plaquenil/hydroxychloriquine, cymbalta, meloxicam and the 3 together seem to keep things at bay. When I do have a flare I do a round of prednisone. I also get prednisone injected into my hips which are the party of my body that suffers the worst and I do this Every 3-6 months. Extra sleep helps me during flares and learning to listen to my body so knowing when to slow down and limit activity.
Hope this helps. Joann

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