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yes i somethimes have had chest pain caused by lung phlegm blockage…but it goes after the phlegm passes thru or dissolves…a chest xray and few puffs of ventolin (please try after doctors advise)

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@shane , sounds to me like gall bladder or mucus in the lungs. Either can be from a genetic issue. My pain there was genetic, both for the lung and the gall bladder. Once I found that out I was able to deal with it by surgery and by eating much less fat. The lung, though, can be treated rather easily with a Walmart Mucus Relief. It is very cheap for the little bottle. $0.88 now.

What do all of you think about having the "Watchman" device (for a-fib) being implanted into an 83 year old woman? This procedure takes more than one hour with intubation. Is this pushing to much on an 83 year old with many other health problems? (Especially the chronic kidney disease and using a dye which is bad for the kidneys?) I am worried over this especially because the cardiologists did not address the kidney problem with me and were going ahead without consulting the kidney doctor.