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Undiagnosed Head Symptoms (Still Help!)

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Hello everyone, I'm having bad issues here.
I have pressure in my head that doctors call a silent migraine. It doesn't hurt, but sits there and doesn't move sometimes it becomes very uncomfortable when the pressure builds up, at times I can ignore it but at other times I want to scream. This has not gone away, even after neck surgery and I was hoping the surgery would help this.
Then there's a symptom of a cloud entering my head and all thoughts, movement, and the 5 senses are no longer there and I become a shell of a person. When someone talks to me I look at them but I can't speak. I feel like someone else is trying to take control of my body and I feel lost when this happens.
The doctors claim that I'm doing this to get attention.

Then there's another issue to where I can sit or stand perfectly still, and I fall to the floor as someone pushed me. The doctors told me that my inner ear is missed up, but this has been going on since I was 19, and ideas will be grateful.

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Sorry you are going thru those awful symptoms.
A good ear, nose throat doctor for the ear symptoms, and a neurological exam would be a good idea. When doctors do not have answers, it’s common for them to tell patients it’s all in their heads.
You need answers.
Are you near a teaching hospital?