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Undiagnosed Head Symptoms (Still Help!)

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6 days ago, I had just eaten lunch and started walking outside, when I very suddenly had a strange feeling come on in my head– as I was walking, I felt like I was moving slowly…I almost felt "high"…and was somewhat sensitive to the bright sunlight. I came back inside and proceeded to have what I thought was a panic attack– along with the head feeling, my heart was racing/beating out of my chest, I got a dry mouth, nausea, and extreme anxiety/a nervous stomach feeling. I thought I was going to be sick at certain points, but this eventually went away. The rest of the day, and the next 2 days, the head feeling stuck around– it's very hard to explain, but almost feels like I'm high. Cognitively I'm functional, and I'm not faint or dizzy. But I feel like I'm not "in my head", it's terribly uncomfortable. I already am prone to anxiety, and it's just awful while this is happening. I've had a loss of appetite, constant anxiety pretty much, and the head feeling has not gone away. I've also been having very vivid bad dreams and waking up feeling heavy in my head, along with some pressure in my ears and temples every so often. One night I had a fairly bad headache (back of my head), but otherwise no actual pain. This is Day 6 since it initially came on, and while yesterday and the day before I thought it was overall getting better (but not gone), today it seems worse again. I still don't have much of an appetite but I'm not sure if that's due to the anxiety about how I'm feeling or not (it's a vicious cycle really).
The only pills I take regularly are birth control (and the occasional acid reflux med or allergy meds), and the only thing I took differently that day was a CBD oil– I've had CBD oils before and not had this reaction…though I realize even with a tiny amount of THC in it (and myself being sensitive to THC) that could have caused it. However, it seems extremely strange to me that it would go on for 6+ days if so. In addition, I've had this strange head feeling before (not the attack with the panic/dry mouth etc., but the same exact head feeling that's come on suddenly in the past and lasted days or even a week).
I had an over-the-phone appointment with a doctor a couple days ago and he essentially said it sounded like it could be the CBD (though he'd expect me to feel better by now) otherwise anxiety, but it's hard to tell without testing etc. So I'm waiting on a callback from my primary care dr. for an office visit as soon as possible. In the meantime, this feels almost debilitating, and I'm finding it hard to work or have a normal day– if anyone has any similar experiences or even suggestions as to what this could be, I'd be extremely grateful!

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Hi @tess0831, I moved your update to the discussion you previously started so that people can read the background of you situation and the progress you've made (or lack thereof). Did you see the previous responses to your post from @jenniferhunter and @bill54321? I'd also like to bring @gailb into this discussion for her thoughts. I'm glad that you are pursuing an appointment with your primary care physician. I suggest keeping a journal of your symptoms until you get to see him or her.

@tess0831– Hi Tess. Your description of your funny feelings in your head wrang a bell with me! Have you considered migraines as a possible reason? I was sent to a neurologist, several in fact, over a span of 5 years. I had no idea why I was feeling the way I was. Finally, I went to someone who figured it out almost immediately. A migraine comes in all shapes and sizes has phases. And surprisingly not all migraines are accompanied by headaches. They are considered auras. You might be describing an aura, or more than one.

The following links might help.
Would you consider seeing a neurologist to see if this is what you might be dealing with?