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Reoccurring sicknesses

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Hello petite beauty,
There are basically 2 ways to get strep. 1st is being in direct contact with a person who has it , and 2nd is touching
Something that has the active bacteria on it, like a phone, handles,etc.
Most bacteria infections are cleared up with antibiotics.
Do you have your tonsils?
There are some doctors who say a person has strep, when in fact it’s tonsillitis.
A good ear,nose and throat doctor has a lot of experience with those cases.
Could you be run down, immune system ?
Your fever could be related to the strep.
Hope you get answers.

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@petitebeauty I tend to agree with @funcountess. I think your immune system can get run down and that leaves you open to new infections. I remember one winter when I was basically housebound for 6 – 8 weeks due to one thing after another.
I am not very experienced with strep but I do know that for some people it takes more than one round of antibiotics to get rid of it fully, and if it is not arrested it will recur.
Hopefully, as the weather improves and you are able to get out and get some fresh air you will feel better and be less apt to get infected with any of these conditions. In the meantime make sure to disinfect the surfaces in your home that could be harboring germs.
I hope this cycle ends soon for you. Please let us know how you are doing.