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Mummy, you are getting the hang of it, really! The thing to think about is that you can like good blood sugar numbers better than you like cake or cookies, because it may prevent hearing loss, obesity, loss of vision, and dementia, and perhaps Alzheimer's or something similar. I really don't care for chocolate cake anymore because it used to make my tummy hurt. And I am not an obese person anymore. I am outliving my neighbors and although I miss some of them. I know I am doing my best for good health at my age. I watched my late husband die of his many health problems so that gave me the inspiration to try as hard as I can to beat down the effects of diabetes. I hope I am supporting and encouraging your efforts. Dorisena

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thanks for your kind words. I have good intentions, and then when I get in the grocery store, I don't know what to buy. I've looked at menus, but most have things in them that I've never used or sometimes never heard of. Plus, I don't know much about cooking anymore.
Okay, sorry, I'm whining. I really do have to find a good plan that helps me loose weight and keeps my sugar down, and fills me up.
Thanks, Marie