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dave9136 (@dave9136)

Worrying About My Hyperparathyroidism

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Hi @dave9136,

I am glad to hear that you are seeing an endocrinologist, they are the doctors who can best deal with this problem. I'm not completely sure if the sestamibi scan is the same as the nuclear scan, but after reading about the sestamibi scan it sounds like the same type of test. I am taking 2,000 of the Vit D twice a day, morning and night. That brought up my Vit D level to 30, would like to get it a bit higher.

Have you had any broken bones or been tested for osteoporosis?

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No broken bones and no, I haven't been tested for osteoporosis, but I'm thinking I should be tested for it at some point, especially if the PTH remains high.

You mentioned that you were taking vitamin D. Did your doctor recommended you take it to reduce your PTH level? And if so, has it worked? I was on D for many years. I went off it a month ago hoping it would prevent my calcium level from going higher and possibly lowering my PTH level. It did slighty lower the calcium level, but unfortunately, my PTH level continues to rise. Going off the D helped unexpectedly in other ways, though. No more back pain and no more feeling at times like I couldn't catch my breath.