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Laryngeal cancer (recurrence)

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I haven't seen a surgeon yet, just going by what the ENT told me. "Extensive Occurrence of tumor. Both sides. Likely candidate for complete laryngectomy." I don't know if I'm putting the cart in front of the horse, but the way she told me, I'm scared!! Supposed to go to Froedhert in Milwaukee sometime next week. Its It's been about 3 years since my diagnosis and I thought I was cured!! I don't have any other symptoms besides a weak voice. I feel pretty good otherwise, so it's kind of baffling. Don't know if I should just let them do what they're going to do or seek out other options?? I had a appetite until they told me this(yesterday). Any input would help. Thanks. MS.

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I was also told I would need a total laryngectomy. Get the best information that you can and don't feel that you have to just go with what one Dr recommends.

Don't panic . Thank goodness something was seen. There are to many variables to know for sure what is going on. Your ENT may have told you worse case. IF it is cancer and your only one symptom it could be early.
I was followed 17 years and last 3 of those had lesions on my eppiglottis and folds by the same group that treated my cancer. I was treated for wrong diagnosis over 2 years before correct diagnosis. Had a total Laryngectomy June 17 2019 stage 4.
Wishing you well. Paulette

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