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I am considering Proton Beam Therapy for my prostate cancer. It sounds as if it is a very promising therapy but it is considerably more expensive.. Does anyone have experience with Medicare covering proton therapy for prostate cancer?

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Good morning @jim20403. My life partner had 7 weeks of Proton Beam Therapy at Rochester using Medicare and a supplement that costs about $200/month. The Initial cost was $10,000. His share was under $1,000. You can chat with your insurance folks and see how they can help you figure out the cost and your share. Good luck. Be safe and protected.

Hi @jim20403, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. In addition to the first hand responses you've already received from members, I'd like to add this information.

Medicare generally covers proton beam therapy. Coverage varies by insurance company and disease type. If you're getting treatment at Mayo Clinic, specialists will work with you and the health insurance company to determine if proton beam therapy is covered, if that is the recommended treatment.See more here:
- Mayo Clinic - Proton Beam Therapy Program FAQs: https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/proton-beam-therapy-program/sections/frequently-asked-questions/gnc-20187695
- Radiation Therapy Coverage - Medicare.gov: https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/radiation-therapy

Have you had any other treatments, Jim?

I recently received proton therapy at Univ of Fla Proton institute in Jacksonville.
Extremely pleased with entire process. Total cost approx 60k. Medicare and AARP supplement paid for entire cost of treatment. Not a penny of out of pocket cost.
Probably the finest proton therapy center in USA. Was diagnosed with PC by Mayo Jax. Even though Mayo Jax is currently developing 200 million + proton facility in Jax . Mayo Jax never once suggested I seek treatment locally at UF facility.
Very disgusting TURF war.