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Hi @cmartin65
As you likely already know, proton beam (charged particle) is the newest type of stereotactic radiotherapy and is available in only a few research centers in the U.S., although the number of centers offering proton beam therapy has increased in the last few years. It can use fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy to treat body tumors over several sessions. Proton beam SBRT may be used to treat tumors that have previously received radiation therapy, or those that are near critical organs.

I'm bringing in @bseibel @dandl48 @remoteman7 @sannira @paul805 @ronan2011 @horace1818 @waynen @403211th @kujhawk1978 @vernonkent @ken82 and @hodagwi into this discussion as I believe they have all received treatment at Mayo Clinic and may or may not have had radiation.

Chuck, what questions do you have about protom beam SBRT? Are you being offered different options? Have you already had radiation?

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I personally did not want radiation treatments, so went ahead with prostate surgery on 2/28. I did talk to Mayo about treatments, but did it in my home state of VT which was great to be 6 miles from homes instead of 1000 miles away and all that would entail.........

I had protein beam radiation treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix January 2019. I had 20 treatments and don't think the 5 treatment option was available to me. I did talk to a man who had 5 treatments at the Rochester Mayo Clinic in 2018. He was part of a trial to see how severe were the side effects. I saw a study report that the side effects were no greater than with the 20 treatments that I had. The person I talked to was pretty satisfied with the 5 treatments. He had to travel several hours each day to get the treatments, so he appreciated only needing 5 treatments.

Thanks for your reply! I was offered SBRT/PBT at Mayo for my PCa. It appears that this is a study (new research) with 5 treatments vs 39 treatments. I was wondering about short and long term side effects and cure rates compared to conventional IMRT and SBRT/Cyberknife.

In reply to @coleenyoung @cmartin65 and others, I just finished four weeks ago with 39 daily proton beam treatments at Mayo Phoenix. The entire experience was excellent.
I had read of potential side effects, including urinary and bowel issues. For me, any side effects were minor and did not include any urinary or bowel issues at all. Throughout treatment, I felt very good was able to continue essentially the same routine as before treatment — except of course, carving out the time to go to and from Mayo for treatment. I even got in a couple rounds of golf. The doctors, nurses and techs were excellent as well.
I give much credit for my good experience to the proton beam technology, that minimizes extraneous radiation that could impact the colon, urethra, bladder, etc.
I am grateful proton beam therapy was available for my treatment at Mayo, that my insurance and Medicare would cover it, and that I now consider myself a “cancer survivor!”

Hi Colleen,
I just want to clarify the fact that I am neither being treated nor have I received any treatment at Mayo. I am getting my treatment at the University Of Iowa, Holden Cancer Center. Initially, I was considering Mayo. They looked at the treatment options presented by the UI clinic and indicated that they would not be offering anything different so I started my treatment at the University clinics.
While I was waiting for the second opinion from Mayo, I joined this support group.
My current treatment plan includes radiation after I complete my chemo. I will see if Proton beam radiation is an option.

I have have two separate radiation treatments.

March 2016, 39 IMRT - Rapid Arc, 70.2 Gya. SRT to the prostate bed
July 2017 - 25 IMRT, 45 Gya, PLNs

No SE at this point.

Most nights I get up once, sometimes none to urinate.
No incontinence or problems urinating.

My radiologist here in Kansas City just says "Kevin, never had anyone quite like you..." I continued to drink alcohol, coffee...and exercise while going though the two rounds of radiation.

If (ok, when) my PCa returns we will image using C11 Choline, Aximun or the PMSA and then make e decision about treatment depending on what the imaging shows, PSADT and PSAV. There are many more "radiation" options than just a few years ago.

In June I had 5 sessions of SBRT for my lung cancer in Mayo in Mn with Dr Parks will be going to Mayo Arizona for 3 month CT scan tomorrow I am praying for some good news

does anyone done the 5 session SBRT treatments at Mayo clinic in Mn. for lung cancer..and what was the outcome i have done it will get my Ct scan tomorrow..anyone