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Donating Blood during COVID-19

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First, I want to thank you all for having a forum where one can get accurate information and support during these difficult times.

A bit about me: I am a 72 year old white male military veteran. My two tours in Vietnam left me 100% disabled. My disability consists of PTSD and loss of an eye. I have worked hard over the years since to overcome my acrophobia, which in the past has had me stay at home and completely isolated. I find it ironic that now I have easily fallen back into isolation with the blessings of the V.A. I have been totally isolated without Covid-19 symptoms in my NYC apartment with my 3 cats since March the 8th. I do not have a mask, nor any other protective gear.

That being said, this is not why I am writing. For the past several years I have been a consistent blood donor. I donate whole blood about every 2 months or so. The NY Blood Bank have pleaded with me to make plasma donations. I have shied away from doing so because I do not like anything going into my body. Take what wou want out, but do not put anything back in has been my feeling.

I am due to donate again at the end of April, and here is my question. Is it unreasonable for me to ask for a Covid-19 test, an antigen test, and a face mask as a condition? If given those 3 things, I would be willing to make a plasma donation, as creepy as that sounds to me. Surely the blood bank would need to know if I am infected, was infected, or am immune. So would I! The blood bank contacts with whome I have spoken with are schedulers, volunteers, and not medical experts.

As part of the donation process, after being hooked up, they take several test-tubes of blood for testing. It should be a no-brainer to do the Covid tests along with all the other tests they perform.

What say you medical experts on this list?

Best regards

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Hi @seafire and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to an existing discussion about Donating Blood during COVID-19 https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/donating-blood/

I did this so you can talk with others who have and are considering donating blood and asking about testing. @schlegdiesel and @ihatediabetes can share about their experiences donating blood during this time.

On Connect, members are fellow patients and caregivers, not medical professionals. Others have had the same questions as you about testing for COVID-19 and antibodies. Often patients are being asked to bring their own masks as they are in short supply at health care facilities. I don't know if the donation center would be able to fulfill that demand in NYC right now.

Here's a video about the high demand for blood during COVID

Your questions are good questions. Is this something you can ask the blood bank before you go?

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