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Finishing up on 15 months of the Big 3 at the end of May. At least I hope so. CT of Chest coming up soon so I will know if I can quit altogether. IDC doc had already reduced the azithromycin to one/day as I was showing signs of clearing. I have taken a good probiotic and ClearLungs by Ridgecrest every night. Rifampin before breakfast, azithromycin 1 hr after and ethambutol 2 hrs. after. Luckily, no side affects other than a bit of hearing loss – but I guess to be expected at 73! One thing I've done which might help you is I was able to considerably reduce the cost of the drugs. I had my dr. request approval of a Tier Exception by my insurance carrier Humana. They agreed to reduce to a Tier 1 copay which lowered my copay considerably. Best of luck with the antibiotics – get plenty of exercise and fresh air – breathe deeply!!

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Thank you…. and congratulations on nearing the end!