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i honestly dont know how long ive had mac i am a heavy smoker so i just figured the cough was from that my primary doc thought i had pneumonia sent for xray didnt like what he seen sent for ct scan then off to ER was admitted they did many blod tests and a ct with contrast tht showed a large cavatery lesion in my left lung more testing finaly diagnosed with mac this all took place end of feb. as far as symptoms i have shortness of breath that set in when i had the pneamonia hasnt let up discomfort in chest dull aches and dizziness

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@bmiller57 Hello. Lung issues are uncomfortable; I dealt with them for many, many, years. One thing that helped me with the tightness in my chest was drinking 'Breathe Easy' tea by Traditional Medicines. I buy it at Kroger's Grocery Store in the health food isle. You can also buy it online. It doesn't taste too bad. I would always use honey and leave the teabag in the entire time I was drinking it to get the maximum benefit. It is imperative that you quit smoking. I know it isn't easy, but it is a must. There are products available to help with that, and sometimes insurance with help pay for it. My sister who has an incredibly addictive personality; finally kicked the habit by hypnosis. She had smoked for over 30 yrs. The road to wellness with this disease can be long for some, but not impossible. Once your meds kick in, you should start to feel better. I went for yrs. feeling horrible, but now I feel great. I still have serious shortness of breath and tire easily. Those two things will not change for me as I have very low lung function due to COPD and lung tissue loss. I never smoked, but grew up with two parents that did. The smoking killed my mom at age 58, and my dad at age 75. I believe my bad lungs are the result of inhaling secondhand smoke for so many years. So, please try to quit.

I was just diagnosed and my Dr.s are saying they don't want to treat it at this point. They are still testing my sputum samples but not sure for what? It took 3 weeks for the sputum to grow when the MAC diagnosis came. They getting ready to test for other growth through new samples, one being Pseudomonas. How do you treat that, and how do you get it?

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