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@sleepdealer Thanks for the invite amandabutnett . to this discussion. Sleepdealer I think you need to see your Dr and ask these questions . I can answer to the exercise . You are wearing your body out . WOrking out 90 minutes a day is way to much. Your muscles need at least one day in-between to rest and build up again. Sounds like you have your adrenaline pumped up so high this maybe affecting your circadian rhythm . I would talk to a therapist and endocrinologist about you hormone,s . We can self diagnosis to a certain extent but I think you need more professional help here so start by talking to your Dr . he can advice you. Just tell him like you have told us here . I wish you the best in finding out answers .

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Some doctors would know what to do and some would not, so they give you pills to slow you down and then you can't function. I have taught myself to slow down and enjoy everyday events because I was a work horse for so many years trying to please my husband who is now deceased. Today after lunch I sat in a sunny window because it is too windy to go outside, so I enjoyed the magnolia tree which is in full bloom in my back yard. The southern tree has acclimated to the north environment and it is such a pleasure to behold. I overdid the past two days digging daffodils that needed to be moved so now I must rest. We need to adjust our work load according to the need to keep the body happier. and it changes as we age. I am excited about planting seed and getting veggies growing. It is the best thing I can do right at the moment, but my body doesn't always keep up with my mind. Dorisena

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