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Hi @uncertainsoyoung - I'm so glad you came to Connect to share and find others who are dealing with the same issue. My husband was diagnosed with MCI and went onto more serious dementia/Alzheimer's. In my support group, we have several members whose partners have had early-onset Alzheimer's. It doesn't sound like your husband has had this diagnosis, but his symptoms sound a lot like what I would associate with that. Even though you can't meet personally with his PCP, I wonder if you could talk to him/her by phone and share some of your concerns? For me, it was a huge relief when I talked to my husband's PCP. She recommended an MCI and a neuropsychological test. After getting both, it set us on a path of getting help. Truthfully, I wouldn't worry about how to talk to your husband about what your are observing. He may or may not understand or appreciate your efforts. I think the critical thing is getting him the help he needs so that you have information to arm yourself with a game plan that will ultimately result in taking the very best care of him, your daughter and yourself. Would you be comfortable calling his PCP?

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First I want to say thank you so much to everyone! Its weird because after I wrote the group, today he seems so good and I am questioning am I just freaking out but i know there have been some changes. I just hope he is one of the few who come out of MCI. He hasn't been diagnosed with anything except hypertensive heart disease. I did try to call our PCP. I left a message as she has been out on maternity leave but returns in May. She hasn't called back and I am wondering if she needs a release to talk to me?