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Lower Trapezius Tendon Transfer

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Thanks for the response and I'll share the PT protocol with my surgeon and therapist. Sounds like you've been through the ringer. I've had rotator cuff surgery with pins in both shoulder about 15 years ago….about 2 years apart. My right shoulder and arm have been painful for over a year, but until November I was still able to play tennis pain free….then nothing traumatic that I know of, I couldn't play tennis at all due to pain. The surgeon said my ball and socket didn't play nicely with each other. In December I dislocated my shoulder….and after relocation the arm was almost pain free. MRI shows the two rotator cuff pieces that are supposed to cover the top of my shoulder are completely severed and are hanging out at my collar bone. The front cuff is torn and will be fixed with pins….the back is intact. In terms of post surgery hopes, I'm a tennis player…. play on teams….and hope to get back to that. My surgeon does a couple of these surgeries a year and admits they are a bit unusual but provide a better prognosis than the original reverse shoulder replacement we were looking at doing. I'm a retired school principal but do contract work for the department of Education in the state…. not difficult work and mostly on the computer. We travel a ton, I walk a lot, and just am anxious to get back to normal. Also, ya sure, you betcha…. I'm from St. Paul, Mn. When my Minnesota friends would say, "Don't you get tired of the rain in Oregon?" I'd let them know I've never had to shovel it! Take care and look forward to staying in touch. Sally

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@itsally, Now I know even more about your situation. I so appreciate the details and I think they are helpful as other members run into a similar situation. So your ball and socket don't play nicely together. Neither did mine so they switched positions. The socket is at the top of the femur and the ball is crewed into my shoulder blade.

Tennis is calling you back. Golf was my addiction and I was relegated to the putting green or miniature golf. I hold out hope for your return to tennis because you are very aware of what it will take and you know that if you do fall, you risk not being able to be "fixed". I can tell you truthfully that I have never had any pain in that shoulder other than when I tried to double the weights I was lifting. Ouch…too much weight, too fast. Freedom from pain is the biggest reward.

You may wrinkle your nose at this statement and yet I will say it anyway…….have you tried Pickleball?
Be safe and protected.

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