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@dorisena Whether or not an endocrinologist will see you based on your A1c must vary by doctor. My current A1c has been under 5! I prefer to see my endocrinologist for the same reasons you mention - his guidance. I just feel more comfortable that he knows these conditions better than my PCP does.

That's so nice that your granddaughter helps you. If you are afraid of falling you may want to consider getting an Apple watch. If money is an issue you can often pick up refurbished ones or ones on Ebay for less money. My daughter did that. Just make sure it is a recent enough model to have fall detection. If you fall the watch queries you to see if you are OK. If you don't respond it puts a call in for emergency help for you, and of course it knows exactly where you are. When I fell last summer due to a pre-syncope episode the watch alarm went off. I was OK so I was able to respond to it and then it took no further action.

Your family sounds as if they are making this isolation a productive time. That's the best we can do, after all who knows how long this may be for?

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I recently bought a Jitterbug phone and it meets my needs well. It has a GPS and it reports to my daughter if I go anywhere so I feel like a teenager who had his car taken away. Actually I am thrilled that my family checks on me and gets the dog food and such activities. I just need to get stronger to be able to maintain my active lifestyle which I have done for so many years. I don't know how much longer I can keep it up, but I am adjusting, because I am not handicapped enough to have to go to a facility. I feel quite safe these days. Dorisena