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I have the same chronic issues, and I prefer to see my Endocrinologist, but she has dismissed me because my AIC is below 7. My primary doctor writes prescriptions but does not educate me at all. He did send me to a nutritionist and I have handled my diet since then. I am keeping my blood sugar numbers at the pre diabetic level and sometimes reach close to 100. I am working on my blood pressure so I can get off pills which drug me so I can't work. I am beginning to get outside with the help of my granddaughter because I am worried about walking alone. I need to improve my balance, so she walks me on a low balance beam and we are setting up a gym with what equipment we have. I have a big box of Clorox wipes. Our family is pretty isolated and I have been housebound since the first of March. I feel pretty safe. Since my son-in-law's company closed permanently, the rest of my family has been working at home on computers. Grocery shopping is limited. We are not getting exposed, and no one comes to see us. My daughter says she is soon going to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood with her husband at home, and with her organization of the household. The University sent a refund on the college room and board fee. I am knitting my third pair of socks, which is relaxing. I wish I could do more to help others, as I have done all my life. Dorisena

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@dorisena Whether or not an endocrinologist will see you based on your A1c must vary by doctor. My current A1c has been under 5! I prefer to see my endocrinologist for the same reasons you mention - his guidance. I just feel more comfortable that he knows these conditions better than my PCP does.

That's so nice that your granddaughter helps you. If you are afraid of falling you may want to consider getting an Apple watch. If money is an issue you can often pick up refurbished ones or ones on Ebay for less money. My daughter did that. Just make sure it is a recent enough model to have fall detection. If you fall the watch queries you to see if you are OK. If you don't respond it puts a call in for emergency help for you, and of course it knows exactly where you are. When I fell last summer due to a pre-syncope episode the watch alarm went off. I was OK so I was able to respond to it and then it took no further action.

Your family sounds as if they are making this isolation a productive time. That's the best we can do, after all who knows how long this may be for?