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@parus I spend winter in Texas & summer in Minnesota. As a Master Gardener, I am on a first-name basis with several garden center owners, and I can tell you that the small ones, who operate on razor-thin margins, are SCARED of being able to ride this out. Since many already have their stock, both plants and supplies, they would be more than happy to work with you to get you what you need. I suggest calling a local independent to arrange to buy on the phone and pick up curbside. In the Twin Cities in MN, several of my friends who work at small nurseries are busy filling such orders - even setting up flats of plants "to order" for early season planters like pansy bowls. Not quite the same as selecting your own plants, but enough to get you started...
@feisty76 - Don't worry about being behind in your garden work - your plants will forgive you! I am sitting anxiously in Texas, not knowing when I will get back to my up North gardens - but I know all will eventually be well.
So for now, I am using my "garden time" - the early morning when I usually walk the yard, coffee cup in hand, to plan my daily garden tasks - to walk my little Texas community and admire the blooming cactus & trees

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Hi Sue....I use to be an avid gardener, finding it very relaxing, until I got MAC, and eventually pseudomonas...Not I make sure that I have on gloves and an N95 mask for protection...I think we have to be careful with gardening and especially the soil in pots

Hi Sue,
Could use some good advice.
I have a very long wall of privacy trees/hedges on side of house. Unfortunately 10-12 had to be removed, as they were badly burned. Several others blew over in wind. Everything was well established.
Insurance co. Did replace with skinny nothing trees in 15 gallon pots. This will take another 20 years to grow. I would not mind, but the problem is the neighbor near me goes to property line and loves to look over into my property. If he sees me, he quickly retreats.
Last year he took a ladder and sat on top of it. I took photos of this, and my Gardner told me to call the cops. They do nothing. I would say something, but he and his wife are mentally unstable.
He has been married to the same women multiple times. She disappears for 5-10 years then is back.
Jim had mentioned bonsi wire on one of his posts. Last Sunday went to Lowe’s for a hose, and place was Packed, so did not look for anything else.

Today I called a local nursery, they never heard of it. Can you tell me how to get long branches tied together, and bypass the new trees, whose branches are only inches long.
I’ve been using the Gardner green tape, but it dries out in the sun, and becomes brittle.
The cotton clothes line material breaks.
When I sit outside, he magically appears, like there is a camera focused on my yard
I warned the Gardner and his crew no cut Robles (Spanish for tree).
I would go to local nursery and look around, but do not know what to look for?
Any input would be appreciated. I just want my solid hedge again.