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Oh, Wildcat, thank you for your post. It is very heartening to hear that both Scotland and UK are keeping you well informed, providing all with essential supplies and that volunteers are sprouting up to help as well. I'll be sending prayers and good wishes your way in the coming days as Scotland prepares for your peak.

My most favorite trip was to Beauly, Scotland in the early 80's. As a Frazer, it was beyond description to not only spend 2 nights at the Frazer Hotel and visit the cemetery of so many earlier Frazers but Lord Lovat, WWII hero and chief of our clan, invited us for tea the second day.

On the way to Balblair House we stopped at a roadside florist for a bouquet. Handing them to Lady Lovat as we exited the car, we learned that that day was her birthday. They were so gracious and I so nervous! He inscribed a personal message in the copy of his memoir, March Past, which he gave me.

Although the castle was now lived in by the son who was away, he called ahead to permit us the freedom to explore the surrounding grounds and small stream running through. That night at the hotel, he'd arranged for 2 pipers to play as we dined. Truly an incredible, mountain top experience. Thank you so much for evoking this precious memory.

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@fiesty76 What a lovely memory to share thank you.In our ancestry we had a castle Drum saw pictures on that virtual fly thing you look at 😂 I don't know what you call it

@fiesty76 I loved hearing about the castle too. That was a great experience and so personal.