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Thank you to all who liked my piper story. i will pass it on to Myles the piper. It is good to live in a small community despite the difficulty in getting supplies. Our little shop is doing its best and we help each other. I am blessed with the best doctors too. My husband and I came to live here initially for only six month after my transplant and that was five years ago. Our wonderful medical practice was probably the main reason we stayed here. i count myself very lucky indeed to be seeing out this pandemic on the banks of a beautiful sea loch on the west coast of Scotland.

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I had to comment about the piper. I think the music is wonderfully emotional. I have to tell you that years ago right after 911 we were doing a wedding at sunset on the beach and as I got out of the car I could hear these pipes. The beach was empty except for the couple and a small table set for dinner for the pair of them. It was just coincidental that the piper was playing. He stood in the water wearing his kilt and played this lamentable, magical music. It was awesome and breathtaking as the sun went down. Afterwards, I learnt that the groom was a firefighter from New York. It seemed as though fate had put the bagpipes there that evening. Beautiful. My Granny who used to live with us was Scottish.
Now, back to walking! Sorry, but I had to relate that.