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Hello @terryabk

I'm appreciative that you posted an update. I am sorry to hear of your emergency gallbladder surgery. I had my gallbladder removed during one my of carcinoid surgeries so I'm never sure if what I experienced after the surgery was a result of the gallbladder removal or a combination of the removal as well as the more invasive carcinoid surgery of the duodenal bulb. I really understand what you mean about a body that likes drama!

I would encourage you to read (and post if you want to) in other discussions about post-gallbladder surgery problems. It might offer you a realistic perspective as to what to expect during the next few weeks or months. You do need to give your digestive tract some time to adjust to the missing gallbladder.

Here are the links for those discussions:
Was your surgery done laparoscopically or was it an open surgery?

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Thank you for the link. Luckily it was laparoscopic surgery. My abdomen was so inflamed the surgery took > 1.5 hours (estimated 45-60 minutes), because surgeon had trouble getting gall bladder out. I’m grateful she stuck with it, I’d much rather deal with extra bruising and swelling than a traditional incision. I’m healing quite quickly, so I can’t complain.

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