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@colleenyoung A week ago Thursday, I went for my CT scan to check on any lung cancer present. I am at one year post-surgery. There was a table at the entrance and we were requied to answer an empoyees questions before b eing admitted further into the place. It was the standard stuff: id you travel outside the US int he last two weeks, do you have a dry cough, etc. I was allowed in, had the CT scan and left. Results were negative for any cancer. It was not unpleasant. My city–San Antonio, TX is now under complete lockdown. It wasn't when I went for the CT scan. Oh, my oncologist's office called and the doctor is only seeing people that need from certain cancer issues to be seen personally. Got a call from the doctor to report the results. That is how he's running his practice. Don't know about my PCP.

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@alamogal635– Good morning. Your CT results are great! I have one scheduled for the middle of June. I have an appointment with a new PCP next week. I'm hoping that the appointment will still be on. I have a bit of a cough but no other symptoms. Stay well my friend.