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Klippel Feil Syndrome: Ear molds and getting a good fit

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Hi Julie, Born and raised in Pennsylvania. I deal in dark humor, so I knew it was okay to laugh about your comment about your father versus your medical condition. I am a product of a father who conquered alcoholism after us five kids were out in the working world. I wouldn’t describe him as abusive. His drinking might have been hereditary. Both his father and grandfather were alcoholics. His father left the marriage when he was two so fortunately he didn’t pick up any nasty learned behaviors on how to mistreat children. Now for my mother who is still living. Mom is bipolar and Was prone to low lows and high highs. It was tough. There were times when one parent was up and the other was down. They remained faithful to each other and rode out the bad stuff. Sometimes mom committed herself to get away and be with like minded individuals and understanding helpers. Other times my mother’s family would encourage him to make her get help. Naturally it was hard to be heard in the family. When I would mention weird abnormalities to my mom, she would brush them off. I think I would benefit from therapy. I am easily manipulated. I don’t like confrontation. Which hospital in PA is it? Children are the best. I never married and snuck into a profession-public librarianship-that lets me see kids grow up and move on. Thank you for your kind words. Now I need a Viking name! Ha, ha, Mary

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I'm sorry to hear all that you went through!! It had to be extremely difficult to have a mother who had extreme highs and lows. I think children need that security or we will end up being walked on; dismissed and unable to say no. I definitely want this virus to go away but truthfully, for me personally, I've never felt so free!!! Because of how we were raised I feel like I can never say no; responsible for things that I haven't even been asked yet; so having the excuse of not being able to go anywhere and do anything feels incredibly freeing to me!! I hope you will look into therapy. It isn't for everyone perhaps, but I don't think I would be here now without it. It really is eye opening to see the physical things I've been through and to know without a doubt that they were much easier than the emotional. The dr I am hoping to see is a dr Lee in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh university hospital? Or Pennsylvania university hospital. John Y K Lee; a neurosurgeon. I have enjoyed talking with you very much!! Let's keep it up. Stay safe and healthy!! I'm glad you get to enjoy kids from afar. I love my 2 grandkids but I know my own daughter was affected by the many surgeries I had one every year for 10 years. She is now 30 with 2 kids ( I only have 1 child) and I think she understands more now that she is a parent. Of course guilt makes me want to do more than I really am capable of but right now since she is happily married and 2 hours away; I can't go over there. Life is difficult!! Ive never found it easy and try to stay as positive as possible but it is not always possible. You are a warrior!! Much love, Julie

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