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Mayofeb, I've purchased my last fresh veggies and fruits for awhile. Absolutely just an oldie and no expert but I did wash/soak everything first in lukewarm, Dawn detergent water; rinsed in cool water; let it dry before storing. I am cooking fresh veggies and fruits just as a precaution hoping the cooking heat will further kill bacteria.

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@feisty76 Heat kills Covid-19, so cooking any produce to at least 160F makes it safe. I think your practice of washing all produce is a good one – if you use soap, water (any temp) and friction (as in handwashing) on hard-skinned fruits – oranges, apples, bananas, etc it is safe to handle and eat. Still looking around for definitive answers on soft fruits and fresh greens – we have taken them off the menu for now. Our produce stands are open here (basically one-person, outdoor businesses, and friends shop them for all of us.) My friend says most greens and soft fruits and veggies aren't even being offered there now – so a lot of people must have quit buying out of caution. Looking forward to getting home where I can raise my own greens!
A final word – I have looked high and low, and there is no evidence that vinegar in any concentration is an effective disinfectant against Covid-19, even though I see recipes for it on the Internet every day. A few places I consider reliable, such as Consumer Reports and the World Economic Forum (both gather their info from many sources) specifically note that there is no evidence vinegar (acetic acid) kills coronaviruses.
Stay safe everyone, but continue to eat healthy!

@mayofeb You say your not buying anymore vegies or fruits that isn't good you won't be getting the nutrients you need . I hope this means your getting frozen instead

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