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Constant cough (4 months)

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Hi Sandy, thank you for your answer. My issue is that it was before I started Anastrozole that I had the cough. In fact, it happened every year whenever I had a cold I would cough for a few months but since I am taking Anastrozole, the cough last a lot longer. Now it's 4 months that I have this cough with no solution. I do use the netti pot daily, I have cough drops constantly, I put a vaporizer in my room at night with peppermint essential oil in it, I put peppermint around my nose and it does ease it for a little bit then comes back again, I had x rays and ct scans both on my lungs and sinuses, clear, I had an asthma test – no asthma, breathing test – clear, so what is it and how can I get rid of it. My girlfriend just gave me a name of a homeopath that helped her friend when she was coughing, so I am going to have a Skype video call with her in the next few days (because of Covid-19 – no in person appt) and hopefully she will help me too.

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You should get checked out by a pulmonologist. He/She will also advise whether is related to your heart not your pulmonary system That needs to be ruled in or out.

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