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Constant cough (4 months)

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@inquiringminds The radiation could be causing some of that cough. My radiation was in the vicinity of the worst lung (I also have bronchiectasis) and a month or more after radiation I wound up with radiation pneumonitis. Great luck, right? But was treated for that and continued with irritating cough. I went through a lot of Riccola cough drops to help soothe cough. Found a product (NutriBiotic throat spray) which helped some. However, I was reading that during cold weather there is not enough moisture in the air so started using my vaporizer throughout the day and night and, wouldn't you know, my cough has been cut down exponentially? It at least wouldn't hurt to try a vaporizer. Hoping this helps you somewhat.

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Hi Ttixie, thank you for your reply – so they checked and I don't have pneumonitins, I constantly have cough drops in my mouth and I have a humidifier in my room to which I add peppermint essential oil, I even put that peppermint oil beside my nostrils and it helps temporarily, I put vicks on my chest, the funny part is – at night I don't cough and I really think that it has to do with the vaporizer but as soon as I get up – here it goes again.I also don't have asthma, they checked and no pneumonia, so I am just going crazy with this. everything they checked for turned out clear – the radiation caused a slight fibrosis but not enough to justify this annoying cough. The respirologist insisted that it's post nasal drip but the 2 ENTs said no. I think he is right but how on earth can I get rid of it? I am doing everything possible to dry it up with nasal rinses and I even tried allergy medication and nasal sprays – NOTHING is helping

Hello, I was wondering if you can tell me about your experience with radiation pneumonitis. I was diagnosed with it last week. I am on round 8 of 16 of kadcyla for her2+. My oncologist delayed treatment for six weeks. I am on prednisone currently. Was really bummed with the whole thing and delay of treatment.